What's it all about?

We provide all students with cultural events, representation and support to help you enjoy your time at uni.

About UCSA

UCSA is the University of Canterbury Students' Association. All current students are members who govern the organisation through a Constitution and twelve elected representatives.

Established in 1894, the UCSA is here to ensure your university experience at Canterbury is all it can be. Read on...

They're attractive, they're hard working, and they're modest. Check out the UCSA staff here...


The Exec.

Meet the twelve attractive and charming individuals who make up the 2015 Executive. The UCSA Student Executive is the students' representation on campus.

Each year, a new Executive of twelve students is elected for duties in the following year. All students who are enrolled in the University of Canterbury are eligible to run in the Executive elections.

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Meetings & Minutes


2015 Half AGM-Unconfirmed Notes

2015 Half AGM-Presidents Report

2015 Half AGM Constitutional Amendment

2015 AGM-Unconfirmed Notes

2015 AGM- Proposed Constitutional Amendment

2014, July 23-Agenda

2014, July 23-Unconfirmed Notes

2014 UCSA President - Half AGM Report

2014 AGM - Confirmed Notes

2014 Half AGM -Unconfirmed Notes

2013 Half AGM - Unconfirmed Notes

2013 AGM - Confirmed Notes

2013 Executive Elections

2013 UCSA President - Half AGM Report

2013 Draft Local Alcohol Policy - UCSA Submission

2013 AGM Agenda

2013, March 6 - Forum with VC minutes

2013 Half AGM - Proposed Constitutional Amendment

2012 AGM

Exec Minutes
Half-yearly AGM

Policies & Reports

If you're interested in getting to know your Association a little closer, or find watching paint dry just a little too exciting, then feel free to take a look through these policies and reports.

Annual Report
Financial Report


The UCSA is governed according to the provisions of a robust Constitution, handily available for your reading pleasure. (Updated June, 2015)

Advisory Boards
The UCSA Advisory Board have the responsibility to provide advice on the Commercial and Service activities and affairs of the Association. Read on...

Membership Opt-Out Policy
So, the Education Act 1989 (specifically Section 229A) makes Membership of the UCSA 'compulsory'. That said, it's not really true compulsion because you're able to 'opt-out'. So Membership is automatic unless you choose to not be a member, a bit like KiwiSaver. You can do this prior to enrolment at UC or at any stage during your time here. It's your choice. The Act says you can opt-out for two reasons, conscientious objection and financial hardship. As we don't charge any fee, the first of those reasons is really the only one for you to consider.

The UCSA Constitution, that guiding document we all read before going to sleep... also enshrines your rights here by allowing you to 'resign your membership'. Read the Membership 'Opt-Out' Policy for more information. 

Election Registration Form
You can download a candidate nomination form here.