The Ed Woods are back!





UC's iconic student film competition is back!  

To be part of student filmmaking immortality, all you have to do is create a film and enter it into one of the following catergories:

  • "Feature" Length Film
    • 1 - 5 minutes long
    • Original (although feel free to rip off some other film...)
    • Made mostly by UC students (hey, a bit of outside help is OK)
    • Submitted by Sunday 6th May 2018
  • One Minute Wonder
    • Up to 1 minute long
    • Can be anything! (Literally anything... Last year we had a clip reel of a guy scaring his flatmate)
    • Made mostly by UC students (hey, a bit of outside help is OK)
    • Submitted by Sunday 6th May 2018
  • Club Clips
    • Up to 3 minutes long
    • Can be anything related to your club (either film something new, or if you rate your recent promo efforts, give it a whirl)
    • Must be made by your club members (you have funds to hire a professional? Great. That ain't what we're looking for champ!)
    • We'll pick the best few to show on the night (winner gets a $100 boosted post on the UCSA Facebook page and a full page advert in Canta - imagine what that'll do for your sign ups!)
    • Must be submitted by Sunday 6th May 2018

For full rules see here!

Screening and Awards

We're aiming to screen EVERY film produced at our big awards night. So you'll definitely be able to tell your mum you're a 'filmmaker'. We'll also be giving out REAL AWARDS. You can just taste the Instagram likes...


Award categories include: 

  • Best film
  • Worst film
  • Best male actor
  • Best female actor
  • Worst male actor
  • Worst female actor
  • Best rip off/parody
  • Best use of whiteware
  • And anything else we come up with!

Small print

You can use any camera you want to make the film. Your dad's flash RED. Your brother's handicam. Your dog's iPhone. All that matters is that the film is (somewhat) watchable. And listenable. Think about audio. PLEASE think about audio...

Films must be submitted to the UCSA via Dropbox, or on a USB drive. It's OK, we'll give you the USB drive back. 

Ideally, the final format would be an .mp4 or .mov - but if it plays on VLC, you should be fine.

UCSA reserves the right to remove any film that is deemed too offensive, or just plain horrible to watch/listen to. Our standards are pretty low. If in doubt, ask us first.

UCSA also reserves the right to make use of any film submitted.

Send any questions to: