Ed Woods Rules 2018

Ed Wood Rules 2018

1. The  ‘film’ must be created between Monday, 26th of March and Sunday 6th of May. You can use old footage of yours if you choose to, but you need to put it together during this time. Only exception to this rule is for 'films' entered in the club clip category.

2. The categories for entry are:

  • "Feature" Length Film
    • Between 1 minute and 5 minutes long, including any titles and credits.
    • Original (although feel free to rip off some other film...)
    • Can be about anything - show us your creativity!
  • One Minute Wonder
    • No more than 1 minute long, including any titles and credits.
    • Can be anything! (Literally anything... Last year we had a clip reel of a guy scaring his flatmate)
  • Club Clips
    • Be no more than 3 minutes long, including any titles and credits.
    • Can be anything related to your club (either film something new, or if you rate your recent promo efforts, give it a whirl)
    • Must be made by your club members (you have funds to hire a professional? Great. That ain't what we're looking for champ!)
    • We'll pick the best few to show on the night (winner gets a $100 boosted post on the UCSA Facebook page and a full page advert in Canta - imagine what that'll do for your sign ups!)

3. The ‘film’ must be delivered using our recommended file specs by midnight Sunday, 6th of May, uploaded via our online form.

4. You must have the rights to all material that appears in the ‘Film’. Please ensure you have permission from all actors, locations, music and anything else that you need permission for that you use in the ‘Film’.

5. Do not upload the ‘film’ onto the internet until after the screening night on the 16th of May.

6. You can use any camera you want to make the "film", however all that matters is that the "film" is (somewhat) watchable, and listenable. You must think about audio. PLEASE think about audio... 

7. The UCSA will remove any film that is deemed too offensive, or just plain horrible to watch/listen to. Our standards are pretty low. If in doubt, ask us first.

8. The UCSA has the right to make use of any film submitted.


File Format for Delivery

The single file entry is to be delivered in the recommended format upload. To guarantee we can play it, it's best to supply in the below format, but if we can play it then it will be screened!

If you're using Adobe Premiere or Media Encoder for your final export you can select the format - H.264 and then use the Youtube 720p or 1080p preset.

  • Video Codec: h.264
  • Audio Codec: AAC-LC
  • File extension: mp4 or mov
  • Framerate: 25fps
  • Resolution: 1024 x 576 (SD), 1280 x 720 (HD), 1920 x 1080 (HD)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0 (Square Pixels)
  • Field Order: Progressive playback
  • Video Format: 'PAL' (for those shooting on analog or webcam systems your entry must be output at 25fps (frames per second), and be set within a 16:9 frame.
  • Video Bitrate: Variable bit rate encoding approximately 10 megabits per second. We recommend the following bitrates for highest quality at the following frame sizes:
    • 1024 x 576: 4 megabits per second (i.e 4mb/s or 4000 kb/s)
    • 1280 x 720: 8 megabits per second (i.e 8mb/s or 8000 kb/s)
    • 1920 x 1080: 10 megabits per second (i.e 10mb/s or 10000 kb/s)
  • Audio Bitrate: 192 kilobits per second (i.e 192 kb/s)
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz (ie - 48,000 Hz)

Typically your file will not be a big file if correctly exported! Makes it much easier to deal with!