Staff of the Year


Since 1995, the UCSA Lecturer of the Year Awards give students a voice in nominating and deciding the most inspiring and dedicated lecturers at UC. In recent years, we have introduced nominations for Supervisor of the Year, Administrator of the Year and Great Character of the Year. Last year we have renamed the event Staff of the Year Award, and added a few more awards because we want to honour the help and support UC non-academic staff members have given students as well.

For your enjoyment, there's still a "Make-up Your Own" Lecturer Award, where you name the award and nominate the lecturer. It’s fun. Plus, the cheekiest ones will be featured at the award ceremony. 


Lecturer of the Year - Herb de Vries
Lecturer of the Year Arts - Alex Tan
Lecturer of the Year Business & Law - Herb de Vries
Lecturer of the Year Education - Tracy Clelland
Lecturer of the Year Engineering - Sid Becker
Lecturer of the Year Science - Pieter Pelser
Supervisor of the Year - Angus MacFarlane
Administrator of the Year - Heather Couch
Technical Staff of the Year - Julian Murphy 
Superstar of the Year - Jane Hall 
Great Character of the Year - Steve Agnew
The TECP112 Rupert Sass Award - Brigid McNeill
Best Ability to Make Direct Eye Contact Just as I Am Falling Asleep in a Lecture - Steve Agnew
Te Kaiako Nui The Connector - Te Hurinui Clarke
Smiling Harbinger of Anthropogenic Doom - Travis Horton
Whale Rider Award - Travis Horton

Check out the photos from the night here!