Social Media

The UCSA is proud of our diverse stable of popular and highly valued social media channels!

Our main Facebook page is pretty much the 'front window' of the UCSA - and our most treasured communication tool. We currently have 24,000+ followers and always see considerable growth at the beginning of the year as new students come on board. Content on our page various between event promotion, internal messaging, competitions, and external advertising. Our hugely successful Facebook live streams have reached over 100,000 people!  

You can view the UCSA Facebook page at:

ADVERTISERS and CLUBS should email any Facebook enquiries through to:
Joshua Brosnahan

The UCSA Noticeboard group is the place for UC students and clubs to buy/sell/discuss anything they need to - all without having to pay those ridiculous Trademe fees! In only two years the group has grown to 10,000+ members. Always useful, and often hilarious, every student should belong to UC Noticeboard!

You can ask to join the UCSA Noticeboard group at:

The UCSA's own student bar, The Foundry, has a thriving social media following. The Foundry Facebook page has over 11,000+ followers, and is growing every year. Content on the page generally revolves around promotion of gigs and other events at the bar.

You can view The Foundry Facebook page at:

CANTA has its own Facebook page, and is growing a following. The page generally shares content from the CANTA website, but also delves into short video content and social commentary.

You can view the CANTA Facebook page at:


In the last few years, SnapChat has exploded in popularity. UCSA got in fairly early, and now has 3,500+ followers. The Student Exec have largely taken control of our account, and keep students update with photos and videos that range from useful to hilarious.

Follow us at: UCSAchat

ADVERTISERS and CLUBS should email any SnapChat enquiries through to:
Joshua Brosnahan


CANTA magazine has its own SnapChat account, which is run by the Editor and the wider team. A little more edgy than the UCSA account, CANTA is definitely worth a follow.

Follow CANTA's snaps at: CANTAmag 


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms around the globe - particularly among the younger demographics. UCSA has relaunched its account in 2017, and are now regularly posting photos and videos from our event and activities on campus. We also run multiple giveaways and competitions throughout the year.

Follow UCSA on Instagram at:

ADVERTISERS and CLUBS should email any Instagram enquiries through to:
Joshua Brosnahan

Traditionally, NZ students are not particularly active on Twitter. We have linked our Facebook page to our Twitter account - for added reach across this alternative platform.

Follow UCSA on Twitter at:

When we create videos for informing and entertaining students, we upload them to our UCSA YouTube Channel. As video becomes an increasingly important part of the social media scene, we expect to be uploading more than ever the few years.

View UCSA videos at: