ARISE Conference

ARISE Conference 2017 was an incredible weekend for each student that attended with us. Having this opportunity allowed students to grow their leadership, their social opportunities and importantly their spiritual health and wellbeing.

This included teaching from leaders from all around the globe including the USA, and Botswana, as well as praise and worship with thousands of other attendees.

As a result of this conference, our students came back with fresh passion and vision for not only their future but their life as a student at UC. This impacts every part of their lives and how they can make a difference every day in their studies, social life, and other passions.

Lia, Third Year Social Work Student – “Due to the generosity of UCSA I could attend and participate in Arise Conference 2017. Without this grant, I would not have created new friendships and built upon existing ones. I am incredibly grateful that I could attend this event, through it I forged new connections, learnt valuable lessons in leadership and I was able to have accommodation over the weekend. I am extremely grateful to the UCSA for this grant as I would not be able to attend without it. Ultimately, it has enabled me to become a better leader and friend to those around me.”

David, First Year Engineering Student – “This UCSA grant has benefitted me as it helped me join the ARISE Young Adults on its outing to ARISE Conference in Wellington. It enabled me to form closer bonds with people met through ARISE Young Adults and helped me to adjust into university life by having this group of friends.”