Charity Fight Night: A Photo Essay

UC journalism student Alex Lim has produced a photo essay on the UCSA's Charity Fight Night held as part of the Winterlude festival. Enjoy!

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BLOODIED HUGS: Liam Broughton, 21, an UC engineering student who raised $830 for Diabetes NZ in Charity Fight Night at the Foundry, was one of the 18 student boxers who fought for charity groups of their own choices.

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BIG STAKES: Student boxers like Carl Davies (left), 24, and Rhys Black (right), 21, helped to raise a total of $19,832.53 for 18 different charities, which was more than doubled the amount last year.


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HEAVY WEIGHTS: For management graduate and military serviceman Josef Jacob, 21, training began outside the arena at Mount Vernon where he summited with over 20kg of weights weekly.


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CORRECT PUNCH: For eight weeks, all student boxers learned fighting techniques from professional trainers in Round 12, a boxing gym in Christchurch city.


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CLOSE FIGHT: Engineering student Eugene McNearney (right), 21, exchanged multiple blows with Josef Jacob (left).

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CRITICAL WORDS: Round 12 trainer and ex-Canterbury champion Bryan Barry (left) told Eugene McNearney to keep his guard up during the breaks.


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UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT: Josef Jacob reflects about the close match in the locker room after losing by one point.


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ABSTINENCE BREAK: Josef Jacob had his first Bourbon & Cola after eight weeks of abstinence as student boxers were advised to stay away from alcohol in contact sports.


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FAMILY SUPPORT: Josef Jacob assured his sister Zinzi Jacob (left) and her boyfriend Liki Alopex (right) he was feeling better after a change of clothes.


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 GIRL POWER: Early Childhood Education (ECE) student Kendall Millar, 21, got herself psyched up in the backstage just before her match.  

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WHITE TOWEL, RED TOWEL: Round 12 trainer Bryan Barry (left) wiped the blood off the face of a law and arts student Sophie Lester (right), 21, after she received one critical blow from her opponent Kendall Millar.


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 KNOCKOUT BLOW: In a boxing match of three rounds, Sophie Lester had to give up in the first round due to excessive nose bleeding.  


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THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL: Kendall Millar was carried out of the arena by her supporters after bringing a quick end to her opponent.  


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ELECTRIFYING  ATMOSPHERE: Friends and family members cheered and jeered for the boxers at the Foundry while 140,000 people reached the live event on Facebook.


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SUPPORTIVE BOYFRIEND: Tomas Tappin (right), rallied for his girlfriend Georgie Willmer (left), 23, a post-graduate science student.

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MINIMUM RISKS: Although parents were concerned about the risks involved in boxing, Gary Bignell, father of student fighter Jacob Bignell, showed support for his son.


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 Water was constantly splashed on Liam Broughton’s face during breaks to remove blood that was oozing out of his right eye and his nose.  


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SAFETY CHECK: Liam Broughton had to see a paramedic in an ambulance parked outside the Foundry to ensure he was physically good to go.





  • Rebecca Barlow, organiser of Charity Fight Night
  • Bryan Barry and Tania Barry, trainers in Round 12 boxing gym
  • Josef Jacob and Carl Davies, student boxers who trekked weekly in Mount Vernon
  • All other student boxers and supporters who were photographed