UCSA Grant: Debating Wom*n's

Rebecca debating

On the 22nd September, two members of the UC Debating Society flew to Canberra to participate in the Australasian Wom*n’s Development Competition. This involved competing in six British Parliamentary Style Debates. The rounds in which the team did best were: ‘this House would auction off the right to manage economically failing cities for profit’, ‘this House supports true crime reporting’, and ‘that feminists should fight the social messaging that having children brings you joy’. As this was a development focused tournament, there were lots of opportunities to learn new skills and, in particular, see the differences in style across debaters from other universities and countries. This was also a really good opportunity for the UC Debaters to connect with other debaters from New Zealand.

Some of the other NZ women are in the process of organising a local NZ Wom*n’s Development Competition, and even planning a bid to host the Australasian Competition in 2018. The UC Debaters were able to offer their support to these initiatives and their help where possible. This is really exciting as these tournaments will be much more accessible to other members of the UC Debating Society as the cost of attending will be significantly reduced and so they, too, will be able to make the most of the development opportunities.