World University Debating Championships


Last year UC Debsoc received a grant from the UCSA to attend the World University Debating Championships. 

In Canterbury A were Sophie Maher and Nic Wilson and in Canterbury B were Sophie Harrison and Rebecca Frankum. These teams ended on 14 points and 10 points respectively. The minimum needed to break to the finals was 17 points so we are all particularly proud of Canterbury A and how close they were. They also got consistently good speaker scores. 

A highlight of the tournament was being able to meet people from all over the world: from Harvard to Venezuela, from Quebec to South Africa! Between each rounds, while waiting for the adjudicator to reach a conclusion, the teams had the chance to get to know the other debaters they faced and where abouts in the world they are from. 

Here are some of the motions that we debated:

  • This house would not allow out of court settlements for workplace discrimination and harassment.
  • This House, as Iran, would cease all support for militant groups in the Middle East. 
  • This house would allow citizens to vote on individual bills in place of their elected representative, with the representative retaining the voting power of those of their constituents who did not directly vote on that specific bill.

Thank you again for the grant. It was a massive help to us, particularly before the tournament when deposits for registration and flight costs were all due. Three of the four who attended are now currently on our executive and the fourth is now a life member of the society. In this way, we hope to bring our experiences and all that we learned back to the club to benefit our other members.