The UCSA is governed according to the provisions of a robust Constitution, handily available for your reading pleasure. 

You can also view our 2016 Electoral Regulation By-Law.

Advisory Boards 
The Advisory Board has responsibility to provide advice on the service and commercial activities and affairs of the Association. It shall work to protect and enhance the value of the assets of the Association in the interests of both current and future members, in line with the Strategic Vision of the Association.

Specifically, the Advisory Board is responsible for:

  • assisting with any review of appropriate financial frameworks of governance and oversight of the Association to the Executive Committee;
  • reviewing and recommending the financial components of the annual plan for approval by the Executive Committee;
  • monitoring financial targets and providing feedback on these to the Executive Committee;
  • ensuring there are adequate financial resources available to meet the Association's objectives;
  • promoting ethical and responsible decision-making;
  • determining overall financial targets, and recommending these to the Executive Committee;
  • safeguarding the integrity of financial reporting;
  • ensuring that effective risk management procedures are in place and are being used;
  • monitoring the Chief Executive's financial performance within the strategic direction and operating frameworks of the Association;
  • ensuring the Chief Executive provides the Executive Committee with a monthly summary of progress made towards commercial objectives, and highlighting any major issues that need attention;
  • investigating reasons that any financial targets cannot be reasonably met, recommending strategies to the Chief Executive, and to the Executive Committee.

There are up to six (6) Advisory Board members, who are individually appointed for two (2) year terms. The Chair is then appointed from within those members. The Advisory Board may choose to delegate audit responsibilities to an appropriate member of the Advisory Board or form an Audit Committee to deal with these matters.

Membership Opt-Out Policy

So, the Education Act 1989 (specifically Section 229A) makes Membership of the UCSA 'compulsory'. That said, it's not really true compulsion because you're able to 'opt-out'. So Membership is automatic unless you choose to not be a member, a bit like KiwiSaver. You can do this prior to enrolment at UC or at any stage during your time here. It's your choice. The Act says you can opt-out for two reasons, conscientious objection and financial hardship. As we don't charge any fee, the first of those reasons is really the only one for you to consider.

The UCSA Constitution, that guiding document we all read before going to sleep... also enshrines your rights here by allowing you to 'resign your membership'. Read the Membership 'Opt-Out' Policy  for more information.