Student Exec


The Executive (made up of 12-elected students) make up the governing body of the Association and is the equivalent of a Board of Directors. The core function of governance is to monitor performance, give direction and to bring management to account - essentially to ensure that the UCSA is operating for students. Executive Committee /governance meetings occur every fortnight during term-time. The UCSA President is the chairperson of Committee meetings and the primary representative and leader of the UCSA.


Secondly, they are the elected student representatives at UC. The Executive sit on a range of college and UC committee bodies. For example, the UCSA Engineering Rep sits on Engineering College Meetings; Engineering College sub-committee’s including Health & Safety, special matters, and Academic Reviews. All major college matters then go to Academic Board which the Vice-President and President. Academic Board then reports to University Council (governing body of UC), which the President is a member of.

Special projects:

Thirdly, members of the Executive undertake projects which they are passionate about. We have small fund available to assist in an idea or project on campus which will benefit students. The Exec member is provided resources and assistance from UCSA staff to implement the project.

Executive Meetings:

According to the constitution of the UCSA, any student can choose to attend an executive meeting, and these are generally held on:

  • 1st, 3rd and 5th week of term time from 5pm-7pm. 

Please email or before coming along to confirm the meeting time and venue.


The President’s role is a full-time position, Vice-President and Finance is part-time (approx. 20 hours), and other Exec positions are part-time (approx. 10 hours during academic year).

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