Minutes and other Documents

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Important documents

2018 Electoral Regulation By-Law

2017 Membership Bylaw

2016 Resolution Amendment to Constitution re Council

2015 Resolution Amendment to Constitution Fit and Proper Person

2015 Resolution Amendment to Constitution re Council 26420322 v 3

2013 Half AGM Constitutional Amendments

2013 July UCSA Local Alcohol Policy Submission

2013 March 6th Forum with VC

Meetings and minutes

Exec minutes

2018 July 16 Exec Minutes

2018 May 22nd Exec Minutes final version

2018 May 22nd Exec Minutes

2018 May 7th Exec Minutes

2018 April 23rd Exec Minutes

2018 April 12th Exec Minutes

2018 March 19th Exec Minutes

2018 March 5th Exec Minutes

2018 February 14th Exec Minutes

2017 December 11th Exec Minutes

2017 November 6th Exec Minutes

2017 November 2nd Exec and Advisory Board Combined Minutes

2017 September 25th Exec Minutes

2017 September 11th Exec Minutes

2017 August 14th Exec Minutes

2017 July 31st Exec Minutes

2017 July 17th Exec Minutes

2017 May 29th Exec Minutes

2017 May 15th Exec Minutes

2017 May 1st Exec Minutes

2017 April 6th Exec minutes

2017 March 20th Exec & Advisory board combined minutes

2017 March 6th Exec minutes

2017 February 20th Exec minutes

2016 December 7th Exec minutes

2016 November 3rd Exec minutes

2016 October 3rd Exec minutes

2016 September 19th Exec minutes

2016 August 8th Exec minutes

2016 July 25th Exec minutes

2016 July 12th Exec minutes

2016 June 9th Exec minutes

2016 May 16th Exec minutes

2016 May 2nd Exec minutes

2016 April 21st Combined Exec and Advisory Board minutes

2016 March 21st Exec minutes

2016 Mar 10th Combined Exec and Advisory Board minutes

2016 Feb 22nd Exec minutes

2015 Dec 7th Exec minutes

2015 Nov 11th Exec minutes

2015 Oct 5th Exec minutes

2015 Sep 21st Exec minutes

2015 Sep 7th Exec minutes

2015 August 17th Exec minutes

2015 August 10th Exec Minutes

2015 July 27th Exec minutes

2015 July 13th Exec minutes

2015 June 8th Exec minutes

2015 May 25th Exec Minutes

2015 May 11th Exec Minutes

2015 April 28th Exec minutes

2015 March 23rd Exec minutes

2015 March 9th Exec minutes

2015 Feb 26th Exec minutes

2014 Dec 16th Exec minutes

2014 Nov 12th Exec minutes

2014 Oct 7th Exec minutes

2014 Sep 23 Exec minutes

2014 Sep 9th Exec minutes

2014 August 12th Exec minutes


10th May 2018 Unconfirmed Minutes

10th May 2018 AGM Agenda

17th May 2017 AGM Minutes

17th May 2016 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Agenda

14th May 2015 AGM Minutes

20th May 2014 AGM Minutes

8th May 2013 AGM Minutes

9th May 2012 AGM Minutes

Half-yearly AGM

25th July 2018 Half AGM unconfirmed Minutes

25th July 2018 Half AGM Agenda

26th July 2017 Half AGM Minutes

20th July 2016 Half AGM Minutes

20th July 2016 Half AGM Presidents Report

22nd July 2015 Half AGM Minutes

30th July 2015 Half AGM Presidents Report 

23rd July 2014 Half AGM Agenda

23rd July 2014 Half AGM Minutes

23rd July 2014 Half AGM Presidents Report

24th July 2013 Half AGM Minutes

24th July 2013 Half AGM Presidents Report

25th July 2012 Half AGM Minutes

20th July 2011 Half AGM Minutes

26th July 2010 Half AGM Minutes

Policy and Reports

Annual Report

2017 President's Report

2016 President's Report

2015 President's Report

2014 President's Report

2013 President's Report

2012 President's Report

2011 President's Report

2010 President's Report

2009 President's Report

2008 President's Report

2007 President's Report

2006 President's Report

2005 President's Report

Financial Report

2017 Financial Report

2016 Financial Report

2015 Financial Report

2014 Financial Report

2013 Financial Report

2012 Financial Report

2011 Financial Report

2010 Financial Report

2009 Financial Report

2008 Financial Report

2007 Financial Report

2006 Financial Report

2005 Financial Report


2018 International Advisory Group Charter

2018 Class Rep Policy

2017 Hardship Grant Policy 

2017 Bike Share Scheme Policy

2017 Bike Share Scheme Registration Form

2017 Neighbourhood Vandalism Policy

2018 Post Graduate Advisory Group Charter

2017 Fraud Policy

2017 Ethics Policy

2018 Delegated Authority policy

2018 Affiliation policy

2018 Grant policy

2018 UCSA Dental Services policy

2018 Optometry Service Discount policy

2018 Food Bank Policy

2018 Equity and Wellbeing Charter

2017 Executive Honorarium

2018 Governance Charter

2018 Advisory Board Charter

2018 Chief Executive Employment Committee Policy

2017 Financial Investments policy

2018 Executive Committee Charter

2017 Sustainability Policy

UCSA SnapChat publishing policy

Clubs And Groups On Campus Policy

Student Events On Campus Procedures

Campus Drug And Alcohol Policy