Advocacy & Welfare

Our Advocacy & Welfare team provides a wide range of support for UC students. And that means YOU!

UCSA Advocacy and Welfare offers all enrolled UC students access to free and confidential services, which are completely independent from the University.  The A&W team provides advice on issues ranging from academic and financial to tenancy and accommodation.  Basically anything!  And if we cannot specifically help with the issue, we can discuss, advise and refer students to relevant external agencies.

We also provide a subsidized Dental service, which is at a bargain price of $35 for check-ups (including x-rays), and treatments starting from $50!

Contact us to make an appointment or to find out more about any of our services.  The services are absolutely free-of-charge!

The UCSA Advocacy and Welfare team are available Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm in the UCSA office. If you are unsure if we can help, just get in touch!

Dental Coordinator
Jessica Andronico
03 364 3913

Student Advocate
Nathan Simkiss
03 364 3910

Advocacy and Welfare Manager
Ee-Li Hong
03 364 3911


If finances have gotten a bit tight and you need some help with groceries, the Foodbank may be for you.  Enrolled students are eligible to apply for UCSA Foodbank once a term, and if approved will be provided with $30 New World vouchers.  The vouchers, however, cannot be used on alcohol, cigarettes or phone cards.  To enquire about Foodbank, drop in to see the UCSA HELP volunteers or contact the Advocacy and Welfare Team members to make an appointment.

Independent Advocacy Advice

The Student Advocate is able to assist you in any number of matters here at UC.  Academic appeals and grievance, Special Consideration, dispute resolution, the list goes on.  Come in to see the UCSA HELP volunteers or contact the Student Advocate to see if they can assist you.  If they cannot, they can definitely put you in contact with someone who can.

The Student Advocate can help you prepare your case, go along to meetings with you, liaise with UC staff, assist with letter writing and more.  As an employee of the UCSA, which is independent from the university, the Advocacy and Welfare team is able to act on behalf of you, the student, something that UC staff are unable to do.


This team of senior Law and Psychology students have volunteered to be the first port of call for students coming in to see us with an issue.  UCSA HELP volunteers have been trained in the art of client interviewing and will gather salient facts to be delivered to the Student Advocate, who will be in contact to follow up from the initial interview.  All information is confidential and remains within the Advocacy and Welfare Team.

If you'd like to become a UCSA Help volunteer, please email for more information.