UCSA Dental

UCSA DENTAL is a Subsidised Dental Scheme available to UC Students. We are able to assist students with accessing quality, affordable basic dental treatment.


UCSA Dental will be open from Monday 13 February 2017 until 1 December 2017. Check-up appointments will not be offered in November 2017. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


2017 Pricing Structure:

Check-up appointments (includes digital x-rays within a 15 minute consultation): $35.00

Hygiene Appointments (30 - 40 minutes of teeth cleaning): $60

Dental treatment pricing ranges from $50 - $75 per individual tooth treatment.

Treatment plans will be created by the UCSA dentists and based on their clinical evaluation. The cost of the treatment will be stated at the time of the check-up appointment. Treatment plans and costs are at the dentists' discretion and not negotiable. Students will be allowed one check-up, two hours of treatment, and any required hygiene appointments in an academic year. 

The quoted cost of dental treatment is valid for 3 months. After this time period, the cost of dental treatment is subject to change. 


Check-up Appointments: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm - 8:00pm

Treatment Appointments: Mondays and Fridays from 8:30am - 5:00pm

Hygiene Appointments: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:20pm - 8:00pm

UCSA Dental Process:

1. UC Students can book a 15-minute check-up on Dash Tickets, which covers a consultation and x-ray. Students cannot receive treatment or hygiene services without first attending a check-up. Please be aware that you will not be refunded for any missed appointments or cancellations of your appointment without two working days' notice.

2. Once seen by the UCSA dentist, students who require treatment or hygiene services will be given a later appointment to have this done. The clinic provides basic dental treatment such as fillings, extractions, and when possible, wisdom teeth removal.


To Book Your Check-up:

Please head to Dash Tickets and purchase an appointment for a suitable date and time, from YOUR OWN Dash Tickets account. Find the UCSA Dental events that state "Check-up Appointments". 

Please book carefully! The UCSA cannot refund you for any missed appointments.

All tickets will state an “event start time” of 4:30pm. This is not your appointment time. Your appointment can be found on the following line, and will include a finish time. Eg 6.15pm – 6.30pm.

You MUST enter your NHI number when booking your appointment. Please see the ‘fine print’ section for more information.

If you are asked for a purchase code when booking an appointment, this means the appointment has been reserved for another patient. Please do not attempt to purchase those tickets if you have not been asked to. 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for appointments as lateness may not be accommodated.


UCSA Dental is located in the Burnside Community Dental Centre, 96A Memorial Ave. Check out the map. Please do not arrive at the Burnside Clinic without an appointment. For any questions regarding the clinic, please see contact details at the end of this page.


The purpose of UCSA DENTAL is to ensure students have access to preventative dental treatment, reducing the risk of dental pain that can distract from study.

Dentist: Dr Sam Brady (over 10 years experience in public and private dentistry)

               Dr Helen Campbell (dentist and dental hygienist)

More Info: Click here to read about how the UCSA Dental scheme came about.

Scope of our Basic Dental Care:

Each student is entitled to one check-up, two hours of dental treatment, and any required hygiene appointments per academic year only.

We provide:

  • Check-ups (including digital x-rays)
  • Hygiene Services
  • Basic Fillings (materials used in fillings will be Fuji 9, Fuji 2 or composite, which are all white material.)
  • Simple Extractions
  • Simple Wisdom Teeth Extractions (where possible)

The clinic is not equipped with a recovery room or the necessary equipment to provide general anaesthetic, therefore surgical wisdom teeth removals can only be performed when local anaesthetic is appropriate.

If you have any questions about the materials used in the provision of our service, please discuss this with our dentist during your appointment.

Fine Print:

You must be a current, fully enrolled University of Canterbury Student (We check students' enrolment).

You must present your Canterbury Card at your appointment.

You must purchase a ticket from your own Dash Tickets account. If you do not have one, create one. It is free to create, and is necessary to ensure we are able to enter your appointment into the booking system.

You must enter your NHI number before your booking can be completed. This is your National Health Index Number. Please attempt to locate your NHI number from your baby book, prescriptions, or family doctor before calling the UC Health Centre.

NHI numbers are required for international students. If you have not been allocated with an NHI number, please visit the UC Health Centre in person with your passport to apply for an NHI.

Payment Policy:

For all appointments, we require payment before the appointment. You will be emailed the payment instructions one week before your appointment. If you do not pay by the specified payment date, we will cancel your appointment. 

Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend your appointment or no longer require your appointment, please contact the Dental & Welfare Coordinator at your earliest convenience. In order to be refunded, you must cancel your appointment two working days prior to the appointment. Please be aware, you will be charged for the total amount of the appointment if you cancel late. 


We are not able to provide root canals, difficult surgical extractions, sedation, orthodontic work, crowns or bridges. 

Post operative instructions:

It is quite normal to have minor pain for 2-3 weeks after deep fillings. Sometimes using a Sensodyne style toothpaste will help in this period. If your pain continues, contact UCSA to arrange follow-up and review.
If your initial pain level requires some management, please talk to the Uni Pharmacy in the Undercroft.

Post extraction you will be uncomfortable. This discomfort can vary a lot from person to person and operation to operation.
‘Nurofen Plus’ and ‘Panadeine’ are two good pain relief tablets available at pharmacies for moderate pain. If these do not control the pain to a manageable level then you may need to contact us for follow-up.
Starting the day after extraction and continuing for 5 days after extraction; rinse salt water around extraction site three times daily. (1 teaspoon of salt in one small glass of warm water)

Administration Contacts:

Dental & Welfare Coordinator
Jessica Andronico
03 364 3913