Financial Support

There are two financial assistance options available to assist enrolled UC students in times of hardship.


Hardship Grants

Hardship Grants may be granted to students who have had something unforeseen or unexpected arise and have exhausted their options in finding a means of payment.  The maximum grant to any one student should not exceed $300 but in exceptional circumstances may be approved up to $800.  Students are eligible to apply for the Hardship Grant once per calendar year.

There are strict criteria around Hardship Grants, such as, the circumstances being truly unforeseen or unexpected (hint: rent payments are generally foreseen… please see the Mickle Loan Fund below), the student being willing and able to succeed in their studies, and having less than $1000 across all of their bank accounts.  If you would like to find out more/apply for a Hardship Grant get in contact with the Advocacy and Welfare Manager to make an appointment.


Mickle Fund

The Doctor AFJ Mickle Student Loan Fund is a recoverable loan made available by UC Financial Services to students of ability and good character who by reason of their financial circumstances are unable to pursue their studies or are seriously handicapped in doing so because they cannot meet their daily living expenses.  It was established in 1937 as an endowment by Mrs AME Mickle, widow of Doctor AFJ Mickle, medical practitioner of Christchurch, of a one-eighth share in her estate to establish a “Special Trust fund… for the purpose of assisting any deserving students.”

In 2013, the University of Canterbury delegated the administration of the Mickle Fund Loan to UCSA.  UC Financial Service remains responsible for approving, making payment and collecting all loan repayments.

If your situation fits the criteria and your loan application is approved, you could receive a loan up to $5,000 of no charged interest while studying at UC, and the loan period will reflect your financial circumstances but will not exceed 10 years.  Interest may be charged, depending on your financial circumstances, in a range between 0% and the annualized CPI as per the RBNZ applying as at the date of approval of the loan, calculated on a daily basis from the date of completion of your studies at UC. 

Interested students need to contact the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Manager to arrange an appointment to complete an application. Only ONE loan is available to an individual student at any given time.


Advocacy and Welfare Manager
Ee-Li Hong
03 364 3911