Post-Grad Advisory Group

What is this system?

The PG Advisory Group is the first step towards the creation of a full postgraduate representation system at UC.

This first incarnation of the system will be made up of at least one person from each college to begin with.

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Responsibilities of the group and students in the group:

The purpose of PG Advisory Group is to ensure UC postgraduate students have a strong voice through which to express their opinions and concerns.

This will predominantly be achieved through two key mechanisms:

1)    The PG Advisory Group is to provide advice and make recommendations on issues and concerns to UCSA Executive Committee, who may in turn take to any relevant UC committees.

2)    Representatives of the PG Advisory Group shall sit on the Postgraduate Working Group. This Group consists of the Executive Director of Student Services, the Dean of Postgraduate Research, the UCSA President and UCSA Postgraduate Representative.

Each group of College Postgraduate student(s) will work in collaboration with their respective College postgraduate co-ordinators.

The UCSA President and student(s) will be responsible for contacting all the clubs that are affiliated with the UCSA, so as to ensure that they are represented at this level as well.

The PG Advisory Group may also function as a reference group on UCSA materials, policies, and events when looking for student perspective.

Each member of the PG Advisory Group is able to suggest agenda items.

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