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Our New Logo

Our logo mark has been designed as an iconic representationof the flow of the Haere-Roa through the University Campus. The meandering Haere-Roa, spring-source of the Ōtākaro, flowing through campus.

UCSA have incorporated Ākonga tū, ākonga ora as a motto with its new logo. The motto was in part chosen by the UCSA in recognition of UC’s vision Tangata Tū, tangata ora, People prepared to make a difference. Both statements are adapted from the original whakataukī (proverb) ‘Tama tū, tama ora; tama noho, tama matekai’ (Ngā Pēpeha a ngā Tīpuna, Hirini Moko Mead and Neil Grove, pg 358) which captures the importance of being engaged, connected and active in life in order to flourish and live well.

Ākonga is the te reo Māori term used for student across UC and so it was used in place of ‘tangata’ in the UCSA motto in recognition of their role as representatives and advocates for the UC student community. For the UCSA ‘Ākonga tū, ākonga ora’ is about being there to support all UC students to belong and succeed.

Haere-roa embodies the tribal tenets of manaakitanga. It recognises UCSA as a place for all people to be welcomed, to rest, to be hosted and to receive sustenance. For many, UCSA will be a marker in their journey, it will be a place they stop to contemplate, replenish and prepare for the next part of the journey.


UCSA is the University of Canterbury Students' Association Inc. 

Established in 1894, UCSA is a not for profit organisation with charity status. Twelve elected student representatives govern UCSA with the support and guidance of external advisors. The UCSA employs up to 80 full-time and over 100 part time and casual staff who report through a Chief Executive Officer.

Since its inception the Association has grown into a diverse organisation with an annual turnover of around $10.0 million. The Association owns a 50% share of the University Book Shop, and has net assets valued at just over $12.0 million.

After the February 2011 earthquake the UCSA moved premises from 90 Ilam Road to the South East Side of the James Hight Library. The Undercroft was redeveloped as a student space, and work is currently being undertaken to replace the facilities and services that were on offer in the old UCSA building.


The UCSA operates a number of other facilities spread around the campus, including cafes at Kirkwood village (Kirkwood cafe), Dovedale Ave Campus (Collective) and in the Law (Alibi) and Engineering (Eng Cafe) buildings.

There’s academic advice and support through to social comment and entertainment by way of UCSA’s magazine, CANTA; from huge events like Orientation, End of Lectures Tea Party and Grad Ball, to Child Care at UCSA’s Early Learning Centres.

This diversity reflects the many services that students have initiated to ensure that the university experience for students at Canterbury is all that it can be.