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Elections info

Each year, all students at UC are given an opportunity to vote on who sits on the governing body of the UCSA.*

The candidates running in the UCSA elections will seek the students vote by providing information on why they should be elected into such a position. Candidates will promote their policies, and ‘advertise’ online and on campus.

By voting, it ensures students have a say in student life on campus.

See more info on what the Exec does.

At the end of the day democracy is the winner!

*The President also sits on University Council – the governing body of UC.

Key dates for 2019

23 July  - Nominations open (after the Half-AGM)

2 August - Nominations close

3-13 August - Campaign period

13 August - President’s debate

13 August - Campaign material to be removed

14-16 August - Voting

16 August - Results announced