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UCSA holiday hours 2019–2020


The UCSA office closes for the holiday period 20 December. We re-open 6 January 2020.


UCSA cafes and bars

UCSA outletClosing date for 2019Re-opening date for 2020  
The Foundry20 December13 January
Functions and OnCampus20 December13 January
The Shilling Club13 December20 January
Chilton's13 December13 January
The Greek18 October17 February
The Burg and Wok8 November17 February
Cafe 189420 December20 January
Nuts and Bolts13 December6 January
Collective13 December13 January


The Foundry

29 October–31 October: 7.45am–8pm

1 November: 7.45am–late (Screening the Rugby World Cup Bronze Final from 10pm)

2 November: 7.45am–9.30am, then from 9pm (screening the Rugby World Cup Final from 10pm)

4–8 November: 8.30am–8pm

9–10 November: Closed

11 November–20 December: 8.30am–4pm

CLOSED 21 December–12 January 2020

13 January–09 February (Mon-Fri): 8.30am–4pm


UCSA Dental

UCSA Dental will close for the year on Friday 29 November 2019.


Montana Early Learning Centre

The centre will close on 19 December 2019, and will re-open on the 13 January 2020.

Ilam Early Learning Centre

The centre will close on 17 December 2019, and will re-open on 7 January 2020.