Disability Focus Group: Your Feedback

Kia ora; my name is Leo and I’m the Education, Health and Human Development Rep for the UCSA.

On the 20th of May I held a focus group for disabled students and found common experiences such as trouble with departmental tests, lecturers being inaccessible and uncertainty on how to deal with disabled students.

My next step is to put this feedback into a report by the beginning of semester two, which the UCSA will present to the relevant people. This report will help form a foundation and guide our next steps in improving disability support here at UC.

In the meantime Ella (a general exec member of the National Disabled Students’ Association) and I are trying to set up a club for disabled students, which will be the hub for both academic and social support. If you’d like to be involved, here is the sign-up link.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that participated in our focus group.

Watch the video here.

Leo He

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