Random Acts of Kindness Day

Friday 01 September 2023

noon - 11:59pm

Did you know 1 September 2023 is New Zealand’s Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Engaging in random acts of kindness can have a large range of benefits for both the giver and the recipient as well as for our overall community. Acts of kindness can range from paying for someone’s coffee, helping a neighbour, writing a kind note to a colleague or friend, volunteering or just simply offering a smile to a stranger. Find more ideas here

Benefits include amongst others, boosting mood and happiness, reducing stress, promoting positive community, enhancing wellbeing, inspiring others, enhancing self-esteem and cultivating gratitude.  

In a nutshell, carrying out random acts of kindness can lead to many physical, emotional and psychological benefits for all involved. 

Start the ripple effect of kindness and make a positive impact on someone’s life for Random Acts of Kindness Day.  

Please ensure that you are following public health guidelines at all times when attending events.

This event is organised by:
University of Canterbury