World Green Campus Day

Tuesday 12 September 2023

noon - 11:59pm

This World Green Campus Day, Tuesday 12th September, EnviroSoc and UC Sustainability are running a series of insect surveys in Ilam gardens on campus! 🌏💚

Three insect survey methods will be used:

Pitfall trapping – to catch invertebrates living on the ground.

Beating sheets – to collect invertebrates from plants or vegetation.

Light trapping – to survey nocturnal fauna attracted to light.

If you would like to join the action, meet us at Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu at the following times:

Monday 11th Sep, 11am: Setting out Pitfall traps.

Tuesday 12th Sep, 11am: Collecting pitfall traps and conducting beating sheets.

Tuesday 12th Sep, 6pm: Set our the light trap, head back to gardens for FREE PIZZA and return later to check the light traps.

Please ensure that you are following public health guidelines at all times when attending events.

This event is organised by:
University of Canterbury