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Formed: 1924
Fee: $15.00
Find Us: Forestry Building

Aimee Hyland

Steven Bell

Hannah Munro

Hannah Humphreys


FORSOC aka Forestry Society is one of UC’s oldest clubs, we’ve been choppin’ it since 1924! FORSOC is a club that brings together forestry students but don’t worry if you don’t share the same love of trees as we do, we are more than keen to have a bevvy or 2 with ya. Some of our more traditional events include our iconic bus trip, epic ball and our ritual BBQ’s where we supply free jungle juice and snags. Our goal is to promote Forestry at UC and the wider community. We want to bring other like-minded students together to meet each other and professionals. FORSOC has a huge passion for nature and the outdoors and aim to encourage other students through our club to embrace all that Canterbury has to offer. Although Forestry is mostly male dominated, don’t worry we haven’t forgot about you gals, FORSOC holds women in forestry events throughout the year also. As our club is growing, we have ensured that this year is going to be bigger and better than ever, so be sure to get amongst it!