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The Foundry


Watering UC students since ages ago...

The Foundry bar is pretty much the centre of student social life at UC. It’s your local.

Foundry opening 14

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 2pm-Late (Term Time)

Outside Hours: Event Bookings Only

External Events
V-Plate Discounts

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Watering UC students since ages ago...

Bentleys Bar is pretty much the smaller, cozier version of the Foundry, and is perfect for smaller events.

We have some super sweet student only Foundry deals if you use your V-Plate discount card. Pick a V-Plate up from any UCSA café or bar, from our office, or in the O-bag. Register it online and let the deals roll in!

If you don’t want to bring your card to the pub, you download the UCSA app and save your barcode to your phone.

Opening hours: By arrangement

For general enquiries:
Phone: (03) 369 0566



The Shilling Club

Good things to eat and drink!





In the late 1970’s The Shilling Club was formed at the University of Canterbury that sought to change the course of history. The goals of this organisation were clearly spelt out, and included “…the encouragement of all the enjoyable activities of life in their entirety, including to eat and drink more…”

Noble goals as they were, The Shilling Club then welcomed a diverse section of the student community. Members had to share only the love of a beer (or two) and eventually went on to a variety of careers (including second-hand car dealing, banking and even a suspected engineer).

Celebrating the traditions and ideals that represent the best that the University of Canterbury has to offer, The Shilling Club again opens its ranks to everyone who wishes to continue the goal of bringing people together and enjoying life to the full.

For reservation enquiries:
Phone: (03) 369 0566

For general enquiries:


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