V-Plate has a new app

Good news for bargain lovers: We've launched the new V-Plate digital card, a convenient new way to grab those on-campus discounts and vouchers.

To download it, either visit the Android or Apple app store and search 'vplate'. Or scan either QR Code below. You can also visit the V-Plate website here.

If you already have a V-Plate card but want to use the new digital version, you can. Just use the email address you registered with and your card number with an extra ‘0’ at the end. For example, card number ‘12345’ will have pin number ‘123450’. For security reasons, it's recommended that you change your pin number when you first log in.

If you're having an issue with your current VPlate, please email: v-plate@ucsa.org.nz

Google PlayApple Store

Left: Google Play. Right: Apple Store