How to use your mid-year break to get organised: According to a Wellbeing Advisor

Semester break’s all about unwinding and resetting, so we asked one of our Advocacy and Welfare Advisors for some tips …

1. Take some time out to recharge and de-stress
Put some time into your hobbies, stay active or have a do-nothing day. Make sure to take some time out to unwind from a busy semester and exam period. It can be easy to use this time to catch up on tasks or chores that you have been putting off over the last few weeks – while those are all important, it is equally important to make sure you take care of yourself.
2. Reflect on Semester One
The mid-year break can be a time to think about what went well in Semester One and what things you could improve. You can set yourself up for a successful second semester by putting together strategies and plans that you know work for you. This can be things like a scheduling time away from your phone or screens, making sure you have enough time to complete your assessments, staying active and healthy, getting enough sleep or keeping up your water intake.
3. Check your Semester Two courses
Have a look at your courses for Semester Two, and think about whether they are what you actually want to do. It’s not fun to get two weeks into a course before realising it’s not for you, so it is a good idea to try and reduce the risk of that happening. Have a look at the course information page on the UC website to see whether the description meets your expectations. You can log in to MyUC to make any changes to your enrolment.


4. Think about joining a UC student club
If you found Semester One a bit lonely or you struggled to connect with people who have similar interests, then joining a student club at UC may help you get through Semester Two. It can be good to have an idea about what clubs you want to join before clubs day, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Have a look on the UCSA website to see if there is a club that interests you.
5. Ask for help
Now that you have a bit of time to regroup and think about the upcoming semester, consider whether there is any additional support that can help you be your best in Semester Two. Consider reaching out to Student Care, Māori Student Support, Pacific Development Team, the Health Centre, or the UCSA Advocacy & Welfare team if you think you could benefit from some extra support.

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