Borrow a bike App

7 months agoopen

Would be great if there was an app to borrow the UC bikes. That way you could see bike availability and book for how long you need it. Then you just need to show reception your phone and off you go.

Even better if it would inform you of the code for unlocking the bike which would have a digital lock or something similar. It’s a real hassle having to go upstairs, fill in the paper work and then go back upstairs again once you’re finished. Helmets could also be attached to the locks.


While we really liked this suggestion, unfortunately our cost analysis of the project showed that contracting a custom application and installing digital bike locks would cost in excess of $30,000. Accordingly, unfortunately this means the suggestion is simply not feasible, particularly when we balance the cost of the project with the number of students it would benefit.

What you might see below, however, is that the Executive has recently amended the Bike Share Scheme Policy to allows bikes to be borrowed overnight, and, upon payment of a $50 bond, over the weekend. We hope this will provide greater flexible for our users and allow them to make the most of the bikes.

If you want to get in touch to discuss further, feel free to flick us an email at Thanks again for taking the time to make this suggestion!

Ngā mihi