Foundry Doof on Weekends

12 months agoopen

-Have the equivalent to Mono except on a Friday/Saturday.
-With DnB similar to Big Doof or Full Moon events.
-Don’t necessarily have to get in a famous artist, students with decks could play.


Thanks so much for your suggestion!

With regard to whether we can have Mono on the Friday/Weekends as well, we love that students love MONO, but we’re conscious that we want to see club events thrive also. Too much MONO would impact on the fantastic work done by our 180+ clubs here on campus. We are looking into highlighting smaller local acts a few times a year on a Saturday in the Foundry, but if you’re still wanting more of a party, we’d suggest checking out what our clubs are up to! There’s usually a party or club event most weekends of the Uni terms, and they usually feature great up and coming UC and Local acts!

With regard to your great point about having some variation at MONO, we always aim to keep MONO varied, but COVID has naturally made acts availability a lot tougher this year. We love being able to showcase up and coming DNB, surf rock, hip hop or house, and have been doing so for the last few years. Having said that, if a strictly bangers night once a year is something students want, we will deliver that! This is something that we will definitely line up for a MONO in the not too distant future.

Thanks again for your wicked suggestions! Ngā mihi.