Free drug test kits at the UC Health Center

10 months agoopen

If the UCSA is supposed to be improving student wellbeing then why should it turn a blind eye to what students are activity doing…which is drugs. With substances like mephedrone and research chemicals like 25I-nBOME being sold instead of MDMA or LSD it has become clear that helping individuals make informed decision is the best way to navigate this space and mitigate potential harm. This idea can be achieved relatively easily in a cost effective way in comparison to other campaigned ideas like a sushi restaurant. In an article published early this year by Stuff it was stated that lack of resources was the reasoning behind them not being made available at UC, this surely cannot be the case given I could fully set up this idea in an afternoon and wholesale the kits cost less than a dollar each. Does it really take an extreme like a student overdosing for this to be an issue worthy of resources?