Organize more social event

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Organize more social events such as special party to invite everyone to have the chance to meet new people. Or hiking events or outdoors BBQ etc .



Kia Ora, and thanks for your suggestion! We really like your idea of having a special party for everyone to meet new people. This is why (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) we are running Tea Party on Saturday the 17th of October. You can grab tickets here. If you are looking for a more ‘low-key’ party vibe, we also run an annual ‘Coffee Party’ the Friday before Tea Party, where we’ll have fun games, food, and of course, Coffee! Look out for it being advertised on our UCSA Facebook Page. This event is particularly good for meeting new people, especially because the music won’t be so loud!

With regard to tramping, we have an excellent UCSA affiliated club called the ‘Canterbury University Tramping Club’. They run heaps of great hiking events – you can check them out here.

With regard to outdoor BBQ’s, we held ‘Lunch on the Lawn’ last week, which featured our outdoor BBQ. We’ll be cooking up more snags and vege patties at the Coffee Party this term (again, COVID-19 permitting). We also run termly wellness expos, which are also great opportunities to meet new people. COVID-19 permitting, look out for the next expo being advertised on our Facebook Page.

If you have any other suggestions about events you would like to see, or if we can suggest any other clubs, feel free to get in touch at

Ngā mihi!