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Create a separate UCSA Facebook group for selling rooms/items, to avoid drowning out other posts in the UCSA Noticeboard group



Thanks for your suggestion! Believe it or not, the UCSA noticeboard was originally created exactly for this – to selling rooms and other items. While we’ll be the first ones to admit it attracts a lot more than ‘for sale’ posts these days, these still a really easy way to just find the sale posts! On the mobile interface, you’ll automatically be shown only ‘for sale’ posts, and you’ll have to click ‘discussion’ to see anything else. On the desktop interface, you’ll notice a bunch of tabs at the top of the group. To view ‘for sale’ posts only, simply click the ‘buy and sell’ tab. While the idea of creating a separate group has differently crossed our mind, having one central page with the ability to distinguish between different posts so easily works really well, and on the whole, students tend to agree.

If you want to get in touch to discuss further, feel free to flick us an email at