Vending machines in lib

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So you don’t have to make the hike and walk to the ones in undercroft – some on level 6 perhaps


Thanks so much for your suggestion! We are really glad to inform you there is now a vending machine toward the back of the library on level two. However, we also reached out to UC to ask why there weren’t more vending machine options on multiple floors. Facilities management came back to us with the following response:

While the Library doesn’t stop students/staff bring food into the building it is understandably not encouraged, not least due to the additional cleaning of the spaces that would be required as well as the damage that can occur to the Library materials when mixing food/drink with paper materials. 

We do actively manage the machines and numbers, and try to ensure we have a good spread across the campus. The bottom of the Library building in the Undercroft is a place students are encouraged to take a break from study and to eat, drink and relax. As you know, it has the provision of the various food outlets, a heat and eat for those that bring their own food, along with vending machines for out of hours provisions.


We hope this response makes sense, and that you’ll also be able to make use of the new vending machine in level two! Thanks again for your suggestion!

Ngā mihi!