International Student Update

Back for Semester 2!

The UCSA is excited to have you back for Semester 2. We are fortunate to be in NZ (a global leader in the COVID-19 response), which has allowed learning to return to campus this semester.

Grades from Semester 1

Now we know studying through the COVID-19 lockdown, and adjusting to online learning would have been a difficult time for most; so UC has decided that failed grades in Semester 1 do not count towards your grade point average (GPA). The university has agreed that fail grades will show as an "F" on your transcript instead of a "D" or "E”.

We are aware that an “F” can be negatively viewed, and both the UCSA and Student Care raised this. However, this was the process decided upon by UC and the main thing is that your GPA will remain unaffected.

To everyone who completed courses last semester, congratulations on a huge achievement! You have passed a course during a global pandemic, which is something you should all be proud of.

Financial Aid

The UCSA recognises a number of financial challenges that may make it difficult for you to continue or return to your studies in the COVID-19 environment. If you are struggling financially as a result of COVID-19, please get in contact with our friendly team at to check your eligibility for welfare and financial assistance. More information, including on the International Student Welfare Fund, can be found here.

Representing You!

We are still living in an unprecedented time with many things to consider concerning your well-being and academic experience. As the International Rep, I have been speaking to my International Advisory Group regarding issues students are facing at UC. I also sit on all five College International Committees and make sure that the recruitment strategies, proposals, and any other College matters do not disadvantage students. Furthermore, I sit with your UCSA Student Executive in meetings and workshops to discuss problems and initiatives that benefit you!

Message to Off-shore Students – please do not think UC or the UCSA have forgotten you. Currently, I am talking with International Deans and the Student Exec on online learning and events that support and engage you. Stay tuned!

Notify Unfair Play!

UC has asked all lecturers to continue recording lectures and other learning activities as appropriate, so if your course is not doing this, we would like to hear about it. My email address is listed below.

A reminder that every course you do should have a Class Rep to assist you with academic issues impacting your study. Don’t forget to reach out to Reps if you have problems like conflicting due dates for assessments, issues with an assessment or lecturer etc.

If you have any questions or need any help, get in contact with the UCSA Team! I would love to hear from you too, so please send me an email on

Warm Regards,
Derrick Edward
International Representative, 2020 UCSA Executive

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