Join The Club: UC’s Tramping Club Talk Views, Huts and Mates


UC is known for its massive club culture. In our new series ‘Join the Club’ we’re chatting with some groups doing cool things on and off campus. Today it’s the UC Tramping Club (CUTC), who were founded way back in the 1930s, and today they continue to attract a heap of students interested in mountaineering, conservation, tramping, trail running, and partying in the bush (or all of the above).


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How would you describe your club?

CUTC: Goon. Rad people. Amazing views. More goon. The best memories (or lack thereof).  And maybe just a little more goon.

What do you offer students?

CUTC: We offer an escape from uni life, a chance to see the beauty of NZ and make some cool new friends.

What’s your best club memory?

CUTC: Hopping into the HEATED BATH at our very own Avoca Hut. Yeah, you heard that right.



What events do you run?

CUTC: We run trips every weekend during term time, as well as big events such as Freshers/Refreshers, TWALK, and Bushball.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the club, we run Freshers at the start of Semester 1 and Refreshers at the start of Sem 2 as a way for everyone to come and meet each other on a reasonably gentle trip. More information about these is posted on our FB/Insta closer to the time, or come talk to us on Clubs Day!

UCSA: If you’re keen to know more about CUTC or any other club on campus, head along to Clubs Day during O.Week and RE-ORI or have a look at UCSA’s Clubs Database – there are around 160 student-run groups ranging from sports, to culture and art. Find a club.

Follow CUTC on Instagram, Facebook or visit their website.

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