O.Week 2020 launches

Get ready for O.Week 2020!

We’ve put together a jam packed week with over 20 events to welcome you to UC!

There are six huge gigs including The First Froth, Toga, Summer Stein, Mardi Gras and Electric Ave. We’ve also teamed up with LUSA to give you the best deal around for Ivey Dreams!

And don’t forget the usual favourites during the day time, including Clubs Day, Lunch on the Lawn, Outdoor Movie Night, Kia Ora Bro, and more …

For the first time ever, we have an R17 combo! So our students who aren’t 18 can still attend O.Week staples like The First Froth and Toga Party along with our daily on campus events.

Combo tickets are on sale from Wednesday 30th October.

Note: These combos are for UC students only. The name on your Student ID must match the name on your ticket.

Check out our event page here!

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