Student Exec Update: Universal Lecture Capture

Student Exec Update

E hoa mā (Friends)! We hope you’re either stuck into your holidays, summer school or knuckling down on that thesis. We’ve still been busy as an Executive.
You might remember we asked you your thoughts on a two cents for a week’s rent campaign mid-year about ECHO360 recordings, well, we did something with that!
Successfully, we convinced Academic Board (The highest board that represents Academic running’s of the University) to pass the use of universal recording of undergraduate lectures. This means:
  • There is a reasonable expectation that your lecture is recorded;
  • Academic staff can choose to opt out of recording only when it can be proved lectures contain sensitive material, use copyrighted material, use case discussions, are workshops, are language classes, are highly interactive, are in contravention of professional body requirements or have guest lecturers who choose not to be recorded.
Now, there’s still lots of work to be done around IP, copyright and technical improvements to recording lectures which means you may not see this change take effect immediately. But fear not, your Executive are still involved in the process of finalising this policy and you should see this change soon.
We wanted to take some time to celebrate this win with you – thanks for all your feedback!
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