Food Support Service

Food Support Service

The Food Support Service exists to provide ongoing support with Food parcels that the emergency Foodbank cannot provide, if students are experiencing ongoing financial difficulties. Enrolled UC students are eligible to apply for the Food Support Service, and if approved will receive regular support with food from the Food Support Service team.

The Food Support Service is a collaboration between the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Team and the Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy.

The Food Support Service is accessible to both domestic and international students.

To enquire about the Food Support Service, please contact the Advocacy and Welfare Team.


  1. A student must be fully enrolled at the University of Canterbury. Being “fully enrolled” here means that the student is enrolled in at least one course at the university, and final grades for that course have not yet been released.
  2. The Food Support application will only be approved if the student proves their financial circumstances will directly impact on their study at UC.
  3. Applicants need to demonstrate that they are both willing and able to complete their studies at the University of Canterbury.


  1. Students must explain their situation to a staff member from the Advocacy and Welfare Team.
  2. If the staff member feels the student fits the above criteria, they will ask the student to fill out a Food Support Service application form. Students are required to be open, honest, and forthcoming with all information required for their application.
  3. When the application is completed, the Advocacy and Welfare staff member will send it to the Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy for processing.
  4. If the application is approved, the student will be contacted directly by the Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy and told how to pick up their food parcel.

Documents Required

  1. Completed Food Support Service application form
  2. UC Student ID card
  3. Internal academic transcript / PhD Progress Report
  4. Bank Account Summary showing balance of all accounts
  5. Evidence of any financial assistance (i.e., scholarships/grants)