Tips for Getting your Bond Back

Tips for moving out and getting that bond money back (because we know you have big plans for it). 💰🙌

Side note: Keep an eye out for our Skip Day announcement coming soon. We’ve got some cool things planned.

Cleaning Up

If you’re keen to claim that bond back, a decent clean-up’s important. You might be able to do it yourself, but check your tenancy agreement to see if hiring a professional cleaner is a condition of getting your bond back (and to see if there are any other conditions you might’ve forgot).

Our tip: Give yourself time and have a plan. Check out our DIY to-do list below for some help!

Flat Inspections

Before moving out, grab the landlord to do an inspection of the property together and:

  • make sure the final property inspection report is signed by both parties.
  • complete the bond forms in full, making sure the signatures match those on the bond lodgement form.
  • be open to splitting the bond if there’s any unpaid rent, damage or other costs, like cleaning or gardening fees.
  • make sure you agree to the amount written on the bond refund form before you sign it.
  • never sign a blank bond refund form (the landlord could write any old amount in there).

Getting Pics

Take photos of the property, to help avoid any ‘he said, she said’ about its condition (especially if some flatmates are moving out earlier and can’t attend the inspection with the landlord).

Moving Day

Don’t be pressured to move out by lunchtime: you have the full day to leave (but be reasonable about it – it’s not a great idea to hand in the keys at midnight, for example).

Another tip? Landlords also can’t have one set of tenants move out in the morning, and another set move in that afternoon!

Sorting Rent

Get written confirmation from your landlord of the final date that rent will be paid and how much that will be. This is handy if you pay rent in advance, and/or if your tenancy finishes on a day that you wouldn’t normally pay rent (e.g. the final rent payment may be prorated to cover only a few days until the tenancy ends).

The DIY Clean-up: A Check List

Here are a few things to consider.

All areas of the house:

  • Dust ceiling fixtures, lights, and skirting boards
  • Get rid of cobwebs
  • Wipe down walls, doors and ceilings if needed.
  • Clean light switches and outlets
  • Vacuum and mop (including under furniture)
  • Clean mirrors (tip: newspaper removes streaks)
  • Clean windows: glass, frames, and sills
  • Dust blinds and wash curtains (if safe. Take a look at fabric care instructions.)
  • Vacuum and clean the vent grill


  • Clean the inside and out of the microwave, fridge, oven and hob
  • Clean out cupboards and drawers
  • Clean surfaces, like benchtops and the fronts of cabinets
  • Clean and shine the sink and faucet
  • Deep clean the range hood


  • Scrub soap scum off tiles and the tub/shower
  • Clean grout
  • Deal with any limescale on tiles and taps
  • Clean out the bathroom drawers and vanity
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Vacuum the surface of the exhaust fan if it’s really dusty


  • Give the garage a clean: Empty out your stuff and give it a sweep
  • Mow the grass
  • Pull weeds
  • Remove decorations you’ve stuck in the ground or hung on trees
  • Check the deck


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