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Tea Party 2022 Event Info


22nd October


Haere-Roa lawn

When will the Tea Party line-up be announced?

The full Tea Party Line up will be announced on Monday the 12th of September.

When are tickets going on sale?

Individual tickets will go on sale on Wednesday the 14th of September at 2pm.

Is there an age restriction to attend Tea Party?

UCSA Tea Party is strictly R18 events and consequently in accordance with New Zealand liquor licensing laws we will only permit entry with forms of ID approved under the Sale of Alchol Regulations 2013:

  • any current passport
  • a current New Zealand drivers licence
  • a current Kiwi Access Card - This new Hospitality NZ card replaces the 18+ Card and is available for both NZ nationals and foreign visitors.
  • a current Hospitality NZ 18+ Card - New 18+ Cards are no longer available but existing 18+ Cards continue to be valid ID for 10 years from the date of issue.

Physical copies only, photographs will not be accepted.

I’m not a UC Student, can I go to Tea Party?

Tea Party is UC Student only. (Unless you are an ARA Student living at a UC Halls of Residence - Proof of address required at arrival of the event, i.e. letter or bank statement with address)

Sucks to be you. Head to tixel.co.nz to sell your ticket. You MUST sell your ticket this way. No gifting it to a mate, no dodgy Facebook trades.

You must use Tixel because the name on the ticket must match your ID.

The names on your ticket / student ID / photo ID must all match:

If they don't, please use our ticket transfer option here

This is the only way to change the name on a ticket

If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step.

I managed to lose my Canterbury card. Can I still attend?

Head to UC Security and get another Canterbury Card. (It will cost you $35, but you’re going to have to do it anyway!) UC Security are open 24/7, so no excuses for not getting a new one! If you turn up to the gate without one, we'll just send you over there anyway...

Dress Code

We all know costumes are one of the best things about Tea Party... and we can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

The UCSA reserves the right to ask anyone to remove (or alter) offensive costumes before they enter the venue. Having to do this is annoying for everyone involved. Do you really want to get all the way to front of the line only to be told you can't get in until you go home and change?

For example: no weapons, or anything that resembles a weapon. Nothing that includes extreme nudity and/or costumes that have 'fake nudity' inferred. Absolutely no black face, or culturally offensive costumes.

Feel free to message us to check... but if you're not sure whether you costume is offensive... yeah, it probably is

Also – please wear shoes! You won’t be allowed in in bare feet

Will there be a drug checking service prior to the event?

As part of wider alcohol and drug harm minimisation strategies, anonymous and free drug testing will be carried out by 'Know Your Stuff', a community organisation committed to reducing drug related harm at festivals and events.

The UCSA does not condone drug use of any kind, but we are aware of the realities that exist. Because of this, we feel harm prevention methods are necessary. Although we have little control over the intent for use, Know Your Stuff and the NZ Drug Foundation provide a service which helps to provide education and information to reach the same objective.

The date and time is still TBC.

Liquor ban

Remember there’s a Liquor Ban in effect, so don’t be wandering the streets with any beverage or you’ll have a $250 fine to deal with.

Lost Property

Lost property can be found at the ‘Info marquee” during the day, and from UC Security post event

What’s the go with Covid-19?

The event will operate in line with the New Zealand Government's COVID-19 Traffic Light System and may be revised as these guidelines are updated.


Patrons may be refused entry to or asked to leave the venue if they:

  • Are not in possession of a valid ticket or pass
  • Are the subject of a current trespass order
  • Attempt to bring in, or are found with, prohibited items
  • Appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, or otherwise behave in a disorderly or offensive manner
  • Fail to comply with security or entry staff requests, including submission to a search
  • Are carrying out illegal or unauthorised activities within the Venue