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MONO: Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019

Time: 8:00 pm - 1:00 am

Venue: The Foundry

Cost: Free with UC Student ID

This one is gonna be a bit of a roller-coaster….

Stormchasers are the greatest cover band in the world. Featuring members of Openside, LA Women and The Leers, armed with a high alcohol toxicity level and some absolutely terrible songs, Stormchasers are the one MONO this year that you should avoid.

Hollywoo DJs are also terrible. They’ve had the honour of closing out Rhythm and Vines for the last two years and they’ve squandered away any good opportunity they’ve been presented. Catch them on George every Saturday night when they remember to show up.

Art Heist. – new solo project from Auckland based producer & DJ Chris Scott. After establishing himself on an international level behind the scenes of various pop, rap and electronic acts; in 2018 Chris is developing as a singular zeitgeist-swallowing hyphenate. Crossing genres and bringing together unlikely influences – Art Heist remixes of Openside’s ‘Character Flaws’ and Foley’s ‘Talk About It’