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PGSA: Writing Retreat


Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

Venue: UC Cass Field Station

Cost: 25.00

A weekend getaway for UC postgraduate thesis students to get together as a group and get some of that pesky thesis written!

We will head to the secluded Cass Station to get some scholarly inspiration from the pristine hills and nature all around, away from the reach of the digitally-connected world (i.e., no cell phone connection and stone-age Wi-Fi). We will aim to meet some writing goals over the two days, while also taking breaks to socialise, talk about our precious research, explore the outdoors (or curl up inside the blanket, if you prefer), prepare meals together, and of course, lots and lots of coffee!

Some other details below:

Ticket cost: $25 (covers all meals and beverages; free accommodation).
Transport: Carpooling to be arranged. Fuel cost about $10 per head.
Tickets available: 35
Food: We will carry our groceries and cook at the venue.
What to Bring: Laptop, any writing material required; sleeping bag or blankets/duvet, bed-sheets, and pillow cases (mattress and pillows provided).
Facilities available at venue: Workstations, beds, kitchen, shower and toilet; heating and hot water.