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Autumn Arrival Expo – Online

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Venue: Online

Autumn Arrival – Online

Head to the UCSA Facebook Page between 10am and 2pm to hear what the UCSA and UC Student support services have been up to, and how you can access their services from home. Each department will be live on Facebook, followed by breakout zoom meetings where you can ask questions specific to you!

All Students who engage (Like, Comment, Share) with these sessions will go into the draw to win a number of awesome spot prizes delivered to your flat, including:

  • $100 Supermarket Voucher’s
  • Trays of V Energy Drink, Fresh up and Boss Coffee
  • Bags of Red Frogs Lollies cheers to Red Frogs
  • Sal’s Pizza Vouchers
  • Apple Music or Spotify gift cards
  • Beauty parlour vouchers
  • Cookie Time Packs
  • Hundy gift packs
  • And more…

Event Program

10:00am: UCSA

Georgie Dibble, the UCSA Equity and Wellbeing representative on the student exec introduces Autumn Arrival – Online!

10:20am: UC Rec & Sport

Join Stacey and Gary from the UC Rec & Sport team for an introduction on key recreation services at the University of Canterbury. The UC Rec & Sport team offer a diverse range of opportunities for students to connect, move, and engage with the student life while keeping up with their overall health and wellbeing. Jump onto the live video chat with them to find out how you can take full advantage of the virtual and in-person services (when we re-open) 😉

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/97628528306


10:40am: UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Q&A

The UCSA Advocacy and Welfare team are here to assist students who are struggling. If you are facing financial hardship and are struggling to afford your living expenses, then we have a number of financial welfare services you can apply for. If you are going through a difficult process at UC, or want to appeal a decision or raise a concern, we can assist you with advocacy help. Drop in for the A&W Team’s Q&A session to ask any questions you have about out services, and how we might be able to assist you!

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/93750122694


11:00am: Creating you Own Self-Care Plan

Wanting to learn more about self-care, check out Bonnie’s presentation where you will learn more about self-care and how to create your very own self-care plan!

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/97149878591


11:20am: UC Student Care Team

Student Care Team – we are here to help you be your best self and realise your potential whilst studying at UC. We are here to help you overcome any challenges which have potential or are causing you to struggle with your studies. Follow the link to find out more and book an appointment: https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/support/needtotalk/

I can confirm we are as good looking as we look in our team photo. Enjoy the video and join us for a chat.

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/91813624441


11:40am: UC Māori & Pacific Development Team

UC Māori & UC Pasifika look forward to connecting with you online. We will introduce you to the team & talk about the different kaupapa we offer to student’s @UC.

Our initiatives focus on supporting Māori & Pasifika students to succeed academically, while encouraging personal growth and connection to community and culture

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/93446531247


12:00pm: Unicorns, Aroha and Rainbows

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/99172878568

Rainbow support and awesome rainbow events at UC.  What it is?  Where to find it?  Who can help you get there?  Rainbow Coordinator Ari Nicholson will help you to know what is available at UC, who to go to for support and where you can make the best rainbow friends.


12:20pm: Hack your study with UC Mentors

Join the Student Experience Team and UC Mentors for more study hacks and banter.

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/96311180583


12:40pm: Making Space for your Spiritual Side – with Rev Spanky Moore

Rev Spanky Moore is the senior chaplain at UC, and will be doing a brief chat on what it might look like to engage in the spiritual side of your well-being – be you a cynic or a saint! It’s all about caring for your Wairua!

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/98139252258


1:00pm: e-learning help for students:

In this session we will explore the online support materials available to support students studying online.

Zoom Link:  https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/92581833951


1:20pm: UC Careers Online – Supporting you to navigate your Career

Take an Online tour of our UC Careers resources to learn about the awesome tools and resources we have to help you navigate your career. We will show you how you can build a CV, check your end results, take your Career Pulse, maximise these resources and get the support you need from us. This is all about you, and identifying your preferences, your strengths and your potential career possibilities.

Then join our Careers consultants for a Q and A about how UC Careers can support you and how to get the best from our services while at UC. Click on the Zoom meeting and ask a question in the chat that you have been wondering about. We have a great prize of a remote learning survival pack delivered to your address OR to a UC student who needs a Boost. Tune in to find out how to enter.

Kia kaha

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/97693187434


1:40pm: Meet the Business School Advice and Outreach team and their little helpers

Join us in this afternoon session to learn more about us, how we are able to help you navigate your time at the Business School successfully and how you can reach us.

Join us for a Q&A session after in the following zoom session

To contact us please email:

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/98365205505


1.40pm: Law and Criminal Justice – Course Advisors

Drop-in session for anyone who has questions about the Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) or Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree (BCJ).  Simon Dorset and Vicky Yee from the Law School will be available to answer your questions.

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/91377824655


2:00pm: UC Health Centre: Keeping you healthy!

Our aim at the Health Centre is to provide comprehensive care for ALL aspects of your mental and physical health. We strive to help you achieve your FULL wellbeing potential.

Zoom Link: https://canterbury.zoom.us/j/92396567470