Vax Chat: Let’s Talk Vaccines

Missed our vaccine livestream this week? You can catch up online through our Facebook page.
UCSA Pres. Kim spoke with Professor Michael Plank (Covid-19 Modelling Expert) and Associate Professor Dr Arindam Basu (Epidemiology and Environmental Health). They covered off a heap of FAQs, including side effects and saftey.
Livestream timestamps:
2:00: How does the vaccine work?
4.43: The vaccine was developed quickly, how do we know it’s safe?
9:05: Why is it important to get vaccinated if there’s no COVID-19 in Christchurch?
11:47: How does the vaccine protect the community? Why is that important?
15:12: What’s the point of getting vaccinated if there’s a chance I can still get COVID-19?
16:16: Does it hurt to get vaccinated?
17:41: What are the long-term side effects of the vaccine?
20:34: How long will I be protected once I get vaccinated?
21:40: Why is it important for young people like students to get vaccinated if our age group is at lower risk?
25:10: How has the vaccine been tested and approved?
30:00: What ingredients are in the vaccine?
33:51: Student question from the comments section.
35:09: Info about the vaccine clinic happening at UC.
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