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ECHO360 Lecture Recordings

Katie (VP), Georgie (Equity and Wellbeing) and Rosa (Te Akatoki VP) attended the first lecture capture working group meeting following the successful presentation of the UCSA lecture capture paper to Academic Board (read our paper here).  This working group will be looking at how to operationalise the implementation of universal lecture recordings across UC and will be presenting a proposal at the November Academic Board meeting.


Online Invigilation

Student testing with Respondus Lockdown / Monitor went well and UC have deployed a version (for students using their personal computers not UC issued equipment) into LEARN production though it’s currently disabled for use. As per the decision made by other NZ universities, UC will not be using this or similar technology for end-of-year exams to minimise risk of deploying a new solution to students at a late stage.


International Student Experience Working Group

Derrick, the International Rep, has been instrumental in setting up this group, which ensures issues around international student experience are highlighted, and where ideas can be shared, and new initiatives across UC developed.  The priority areas identified are:  Social connections, domestic student and staff attitudes, communications, engagement with support services, career development and online learning.


Pasifika Representation

Following on from a Pasifika student focus group at the beginning of the year and regular engagement with Pacific Development Team we held a second workshop with Pasifika students. This time we wanted to focus specifically on how UCSA can enhance its Pasifika student representation. The response from students at the focus group has indicated that a formalized version of Pasifika representation needs to occur. We’re now looking at how we can achieve this and what measures we can put in place for 2021.


Postgraduate Communication

The UCSA PG Rep George is piloting a Communication Network scheme with newly appointed PG Champions in the College of Engineering.  The purpose of the network is to improve communication between PG students, their department and the UCSA PG Rep to fast-track and enhance PG students’ sense of belonging and connection to UC and the student community. The pilot will get the scheme up and running and identify any teething issues that could crop up when setting up the network more widely.


Law Submission

Our UCSA Law representative Tayla worked with the law academic clubs on a submission to the Council for Legal Education in regards to a review on the 60/40 ratio for exams. It was excellent to see the clubs and Law Rep collaborate on this project and produce a really comprehensive document representing the student voice in this area. It’s also great to be making contributions that extend beyond the UC institutional setting.


Advisory Groups

Applications for 2021 Advisory Groups is currently open.  Further information on the three groups – International, Postgraduate and Equity and Wellbeing – is available here and the application form is here

We’re hoping to continue building on the success of these groups in widening feedback and communication channels and really encourage students to consider joining an advisory group to contribute to a strong student voice and to creating a stronger sense of belonging for all students on campus.


2021 UCSA Executive

The current Exec have all completed handover documents and are in the process of meeting with the incoming 2021 Reps to ensure they are fully briefed on their roles and what 2021 will hold.  The 2021 Executive will also have a half-day induction next week, with a full induction held in February next year.


Academic Planning

We’re currently undertaking planning for next year and will sign off on a 2021 Academic Plan over November.

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