Lads without Labels


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Lads without labels sets out to improve the state of mental health and wellbeing care for all students, particular men's mental health - as males are often ill-equipped to take the first step in supporting their wellbeing.
Lads Without Labels pursue initiatives that create relaxed and supportive environments, encouraging uplifting conversations and yielding tangible change, where we hold our student members at our centre by catering to their lifestyles, unique struggles, and men's hobbies. Our unique approach to care is driven by our belief that changing the nature in which we address the problem holds the solution.
In our endeavours, we recognise mental health is not a battle beaten alone. Uniting our whakapapa strengthens our mission, as we embrace all those who share the passion for breaking the stigma.

Lads Without Labels has an exciting 2022 planned ahead with events such as the annual Cocktails For Change, Running 72 and other big initiatives such as Common Room and Ugly Boys Running Club and more.

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