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$10 for basic membership (discounts and member price tickets incl.), $20 for access to the Groove Room and equipment. Since its establishment in 2017, TuneSoc has been a musical force which no one, and I mean no one (not even the world’s most headstrong noise control officer) could silence. I think it was ABBA who once sung “thank you for the music,” and by this we can only assume that they were thanking TuneSoc. TuneSoc is truly the go-to club for all things music at UC. If you froth music in any capacity, whether you’re the next John Lennon (the musical genius part, not the dead part) or you pride yourself on your wicked delivery of Wonderwall after a few bevies, TuneSoc wants you. Cos you can’t spell MUSIC without US, and you can’t spell TuneSoc without U!

TuneSoc presents "SoundCheck"
7:30pm - 11:45pm
12 Bar - 342 St Asaph Street
Tunesoc presents Soundcheck!
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