UC Anthropology


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With the continuation of the Anthropology Department at UC with support from ANTHSOC being confirmed in 2021, we’re stoked to be back for 2022! Here at ANTHSOC, we're committed to bringing UC students passionate about the field and study of Anthropology together through social events, academic support, and helping build connections within the department and beyond.

This year, ANTHSOC has big plans including a seminar series from experts in the field, a variety of fun social events to connect with the faculty, other students, and the wider community, and academic support for Anthropology students through communication, advocacy, and peer guidance.

So whether you're studying Anthropology, have studied it before, are interested in it, are thinking about studying it, or even if you're not quite sure what Anthropology at UC is all about, join us - it's free! We're here to guide you and support you in all things Anthropology and welcome all from any background. Check out our Facebook page for more info and to hear more about Events and other Anthropology news throughout the year!

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