Mobile Campus Club (MCC)


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The MCC provides a platform for the community and togetherness of all students at the University of Canterbury, whether they are on campus or off campus and encourages people in the wider community to utilize and take part in the community group. There are currently no distance student groups at the University of Canterbury and we believe that this is important to create so that these students also have the opportunity to be part of a community.

We are planning Zoom hui and in-person meetings and events utilizing technology like mobiles and laptops to provide competitions with Kahoot, quizzes, barbecues, and other outings and events. In a similar capacity to a club like Unilife, we will not discriminate based on what people study, but will provide an online and realworld club to engage with students who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

We also find campus hard to navigate, whether at the University of Canterbury, Lincoln, Ara, or SIT at the best of times. For this reason we will also provide a support service for our members and help them to navigate these sometimes tricky bureaucratic hurdles. Online chat, text message, phone calls and emails, as well as Facebook and Telegram are some of the platforms we will provide this in. We expect this to reduce pressure on University staff and increase engagement of the student body; particularly at times that we are in lockdown or in the midst of a pandemic.

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