Digital Screen Society


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Welcome to the Digital Screen Society!

Digital Screen Society is a society based off of the new Bachelors of Digital Screen (Hons) degree within University of Canterbury and even students outside of the degree!

The society is a method to introduce students to professionals and individuals within the Film and Game industries. The society would host competitions for students to participate in and be able to forge connections to those in the industry of Game and Films as a result.

We are also a way for newer students to meet the current and then eventually, graduate students too. Students will also be able to create portfolios based off of the work they create for these competitions too!

Pitching & Loglines Workshop
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Room 109 Otakaro
Learn how to confidently present your ideas with our workshop on pitching and logline writing. This hybrid session covers essential techniques for beginners and experienced creators alike. Join us IRL or on Discord!
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