Drug Checking to be Present During the UCSA Re-Orientation Period

Drug checking to be present in Christchurch during the University of Canterbury Students’ Associations’ Re-Orientation Period.

The University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) is hosting its Re-Orientation calendar from July 13th to 25th. As part of wider alcohol and drug harm minimisation strategies, KnowYourStuffNZ and the NZ Drug Foundation will be present in the city on the 15th of July at EXCHANGE Christchurch to provide a drug checking service.

A community organisation, Know Your Stuff exists to reduce drug related harm at festivals and events throughout the country by providing a space for participants to check drugs. A recent poll from Newshub found that 75% of New Zealand Public support drug checking.

“Drug checking saves lives” says UCSA President Tori McNoe. “Know Your Stuff’s service allows people to educate themselves so they can make a more informed and safer decision”.

The process, open to all, involves participants testing a small sample of the substance they intend to ingest. Participants are given results along with a harm reduction briefing on how to be safer if they decide to use the substance. They are also given the option to have the substance destroyed. Harm reduction is the key goal of the service and it is free of charge.

“The UCSA does not condone drug use of any kind, but we are aware of the realities that exist. Because of this, we feel harm prevention methods are necessary. Although we have little control over the intent for use, Know Your Stuff and the NZ Drug Foundation provide a service which helps to provide education and information to reach the same objective” notes McNoe.

For more information on the service, head to knowyourstuff.nz

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